Any drug abuse has it is own consequences, and the effects differ from one to another. There are several side effects of trying DMT.

The article will mention just a few, hoping to educate and give both knowledge and information to the readers.

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Upon abusing this drug, an individual may hallucinate minutes after the drug has been in the human system. Blurring vision or seeing things or people that don’t exist will harm the person. This, in return, may end up causing accidents and, if not careful enough, death. It might cause stigma once the person becomes sober and makes one withdrawn.

One has to remember that hallucinations may harm the reason and result in the brain not functioning as it should.

Blood pressure 

Another side effect is blood pressure. High blood pressure complicates everything, and this may lead to heart-related diseases and stroke. It may make one lose vision. The fact that it utters the human body makes it dangerous to consume it. A person experiencing high blood pressure for a long time may experience blocking of blood flow to the muscles of the heart, resulting in a heart attack.


We all know that one of the significant effects of drug or substance abuse is addiction. DMT is harmful and should not be considered child’s play, and one should take care. Trying something new or entertaining should be done with a clear mind. Approaching something with the right intentions is paramount.

The addiction may result in several other challenges, such as debts. When the blood is used, it will make a person thirst for it repeatedly, making it impossible to stay without it. A person will be focused on coming up with money from time to time to purchase it.

During broke periods, he may be focused on borrowing money to cater for it. Borrowing will, at other times, bring poverty to the consumer since he may have to sell everything to satisfy his addiction.

An advisable way to curb all these side effects is by consulting an expert before trying the drug to have the right prescription.



In the article, we tackled a few side effects, hoping to give education and information. Most times, it is advisable to be cautious, wise and accountable.